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I am a designer with 15+ years of experience. Along with identity projects, ads, packaging, and overall campaigns, I have designed covers and interiors of 50+ books, ranging from trade and academic titles to photo-based fine art books. I've had the benefit of working for small design firms, universities, large corporations, and independent publishing houses which has provided me the opportunity of taking jobs (or titles) from initial concept (or edited manuscript) to press-ready files. I like making things… whether it’s making photos, books, record covers, or just making a birthday card. I am currently a creative director/designer based in Nashville, TN.

Prior to my career in design I worked in wildlife research, where I trapped black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains, grizzly bears in northern Idaho, and asiatic black bears in Far Eastern Russia. I have also kept a foot in the record business by working at a record store through (and after) college, and starting a radio show (The Writer’s Block) at WDVX in Knoxville, TN. I now host a weekly radio show on WXNA in Nashville (Dustbin Days) focused on folk-rock, private-press country, and all sorts of underheard nuggets, all played on glorious vinyl records. I played in a band from 2012 - 2018 (Mic Harrison and The High Score), and I occasionally still pluck strings in my office at the house. But really, I mostly just listen to records while holding a guitar and petting my dog.

I’m very happy to make your acquaintance …

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